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Price per bottle 0,75 L. - 12,90 €


Madame Gigi - Vin Rouge - 2019

Sour cherries and currants collide with spice and leatheriness and race towards the nose. Even in the first sip, the wine's punch is outstanding. Herbal notes mix with etherics and the clear structure and shatter with a remarkable force on the palate.


Madame Gigi - Vin Blanc - Chardonnay 2019

The first nose of the Vin Blanc makes us almost hungry. Aromas of melted Saint-Nectaire, Funghi al forno with Parmesan, a currywurst seared on the grill and the water of green olives come towards us. Same on the palate. The Vin Blanc 2019 by Madame Gigi is a warm, lovable wine that presents itself as the older lady who waves the car gently across the street because she knows that it takes a while longer to cross the street.

Price per bottle 0,75 L - 10,90 €

Preis pro Flasche 0,75 L. - 35,90 €


Madame Gigi - Champagne

The champagne 2012 from Madame Gigi presents itself very straight immediately after opening. Baked yeast aromas envelop the nose and seduce you to take a first sip. Tender quince tones pair with mirabelles and apricot tones and, with subtle notes of mango chutney, form an offensive game of fruit, acidity and sweetness. A strolling- champagne, the perfect drink for a short break on the restaurant terrace in summer - or the perfect start to the evening.


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